CLAUDIOLYRA2015-68My first professional concert was in 1999,  the same year as the invention of Napster, the first free online file-sharing service and the beginning of a radical transformation in the music business. It was now possible to record and publish a music from home. This fact had an overwhelming effect on me. I became the president of my own record company.

I understood that to survive in this new world I had to be an artist, business man and sound engineering, all at the same time. I practically lived in recording studios, getting hands on experience in order to become a producer. I found in music scoring a way to make a living as well as a way to practice different styles as a composer. Over those years I wrote music for cinema, TV, theatre, live poetry, dance, mimic and I frequently performed on stage.

My connection with music runs in the family. My parents used to promote music parties at home. Sometimes a certain uncle showed up and whenever he had the guitar everyone listened in silence. Time passed and one day during one of these meetings I showed my uncle the songs I had been writing. I was overjoyed that he liked some of them and in particular the one named entitled “O Barco e a Vela”, so much so which he liked so much that he recorded it some years later for his CD “Sambalanço” (2003) and DVD “Carlos Lyra 50 anos de Bossa” (2005). Recently we became writing partners in with the song “Passageiros”.

In 2008 I released my first album “ Em Paz Com Os Meus”, entirely recorded with acoustic and anagogic instruments. The album featured Fátima Guedes, Nicolas Krassik, Maurício Maestro (who wrote 4 arrangements), Jessé Sadoc, Marcelo Martins, among others. And of course it featured that uncle that who used to turn up at my parent’s parties 😉

The album was nominated for the Dynamite Award in the category of Best Independent Album of the Year.

After the release of this record I worked on various different projects. I wrote and produced music for films and programs in Brazil, Australia, Mozambique, Luxembourg and Angola. I owned for 3 years a recording studio for 3 years and sang at the Maracanã Stadium Complex on match dates in during the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Between 2009 and 2011 I worked as Music Director of a TV channel (MultiRio) while working on other projects.

At the beginning of 2015 I felt that the time had come to record again again. This time I invited maestro Vittor Santos to write the arrangements  because, as with, the first album, I was still looking for an organic sound for my songs, played by great musicians.
The first song and its video clip to be released is entitled “Esparrela do Brasil” - , a sambarock that uses irony to talk about Brazilian reality. 

I hope that this site will be a way of connecting with people that who enjoy my work and want to know a little more about my career.

All the best,
Claudio Lyra.